Stanford Quantitative Finance Program

(10th Intake in Hong Kong)

Program Features

A 5-module program delivered in Hong Kong. The course modules cover risk and valuation, fixed-income and credit markets, equity portfolio management, financial data analysis, and algorithmic trading.
Designed for those who want to understand, experience, and build the future of finance. The financial industry is being revolutionized by developments in Fintech, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. You will be able to modernize finance to accelerate and scale your business.
Courses emphasize practical applications of investment banking, risk management and financial technlogy and engineering skills. Designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of finance practices in those seeking to advance their careers in finance.

Program Advantages

The Program is relevant to all sectors, including banking, insurance, asset management, hedge funds, supervision and regulation, auditing, consulting, and IT and software development.
Intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers in the financial industry and beyond. Functions include investment banking, risk management, asset management, macroeconomic and financial forecasting, sales and trading, investment research, information technology, backoffice and reporting, financial engineering, and corporate treasury.
Gain insight from thoughts leaders in Financial Technology and benefit from understanding how financial industry is using Quant Algorithms to drive improved performance and stay agile and aligned in this economy.
Share insights and establish personal and professional networks with other high caliber students.
Get connected with the Stanford Alumni Club in Hong Kong. Attend their regular events and activities.

Program Delivery

Led and taught by distinguished faculty from Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University.
Financial models and methods are applied in a hands-on fashion to real problems. Each course will contain data-driven examples and in-class exercises that are designed to reinforce learning in a practical setting.
Consists of five courses, each with approximately 24-26 hours of instruction on a part-time basis. Courses are offered approximately every eight weeks at 5-star executive training venue in Admiralty.

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