Stanford Senior Executive Leadership Program

Program Highlights

Delivered mostly in Hong Kong, plus an optional module on Stanford campus. Taught by world-class faculty from Stanford University and industry experts from leading firms such as Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.
A nine-month flagship executive program offered by Stanford Rock Center, a joint initiative between Stanford Law School and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.
Expose you to new ways of thinking and new perspectives that will catapult your career and company to a whole new level.
Experience cutting-edge research and Silicon Valley innovation – the joy of learning from and engaging with some of Stanford’s smartest and most entertaining teachers.
Convenient schedule for people living outside of Hong Kong: intensive Friday-Sunday classes, plus four time choices to travel to Stanford campus for the optional module.

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal

An innovative program providing a comprehensive curriculum to deliver the highest level of cross-functional knowledge and leadership expertise in the following areas:
- Strategic Accounting and Finance
- Making Better Decisions: Uncertainty, Risk Taking, & Strategy
- Leadership, Influence, and Innovation in Complex Business Environment
- Designing Effective Corporate Governance Structures and Culture
- Understanding Business Deals & Global Markets
- Possible topics for the on-campus module: Venture Capital Investment, Cyber Security, E-Commerce Best Practices, Director’s College.
The new innovation module will teach participants essential skills and effective strategies for working in and managing innovative organizations – and for starting new ones. Possible faculty includes co-founder of Cisco System.

Program Benefits

Participants will have the opportunity to cross-learn and share best practices among current and past cohorts. Gain insights from a diverse group of highly motivated peers such as MD of GE Capital, CEO of Metro Broadcast, MD of UBS, senior executive of Microsoft HK and partners of prestigious law firms.
Immersed in an intensive learning environment, participants will examine new business frameworks, explore diverse perspectives, and share best practices with other senior executives in Asia.
Challenge yourself with research-based learning and real-world experience. Transform your thinking, your career, your company.
Get connected with the Stanford Alumni Club in Hong Kong. Attend their regular events and activities. Join a life-long network that will continue to provide influential guidance and networking opportunities, at every stage of career.

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Stanford Senior Executive Leadership Program
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